Why do I see code instead of a counter?

This happens when your web site design software thinks that the code is text content for your site instead of HTML code.

The counter was installed as text on the web page instead of HTML code. Make sure that you are pasting the counter code directly into the HTML. Most web page editors give you the option to edit the source directly.

Copy the counter code and paste it directly into the source code of your page. If you do not know how to do this, consult the help for your web site software to find out how to insert HTML code or how to edit the source code.

If you are pasting the code into the source code and you want the counter on the very bottom of the page, paste it just before the </body> tag you should see near the end of the code.

All of the Counter Images Appear Broken

Please re-sign up using your full website URL and make sure to copy and paste the entire box of counter code. If the problem persists contact tech support.

The Counter Suddenly Stopped Working or Reset

This can be a result of changing or tampering with the counter code. Please reinstall a new counter and do not edit or alter the code.