Are your counters really free?

Yes, they are F-R-E-E. Our counters are supported by our advertisers. It is a win-win situation, our advertisers get to reach a diverse group of new customers and you are provided a great service, at the right price.

What types of advertisements are going to be displayed with a My Free Website Counters?

Very small text based ads located directly under the counter code; usually not more than 20 characters long linking to an advertiser’s site. All of our advertisers provide family friendly content and have been reviewed by our staff prior to acceptance of their ads.

I don’t like the ads on my site. Can I take it off?

No, the ad needs to stay with the counter, or your account will be disabled.

Do you really check the counters to make sure the ad is there?

YES. This is a business. We are accountable to our clients and want to provide the best service we can to them. Since we charge per ad/per counter we need to ensure the ads are where and how we say they are.

My site is hosted on a free hosting account; can I still use your counter?

Yes, as long as you can edit the source code of your pages you can use our counter.

Can I use your counter in e-mails?

No. Our counters are meant to be used on web pages only. We prohibit the use of our counters in email and are constantly on the look out for this sort of violation.

In the event that this rule is broken, we will do everything possible under the law to protect ourselves and our clients interests.